Bamboo fly rods are not for everyone. If you have progressed to this level in your flyfishing life you know that there is no substitute for a finely crafted bamboo fly rod. The minute you take your cane rod from its case you are transformed to another level of the flyfishing experience. Just to stand and marvel at the workmanship, and know that no one else in the world has a rod exactly like the one you are holding is a great start to your fishing experience. These fine instruments are very much alive in your hand. The cane was once a growing, living thing, which has been transformed into a beautiful work of art. The maker of this fine instrument has put a part of himself into this fine tool. The feel of a fine cane rod is like nothing else, and as your relationship with your flyrod grows, you will have found a fishing companion you will not want to be without. Fishing bamboo makes a better flyfisher of anyone who is willing to cultiviate this relationship.

As rod orders are placed on the build list in the order they are received, you may want to get your deposit in so that you are ensured the next spot on the list. You can change anything on the order until I begin making your custom flyrod, and I always call and discuss the particulars of your rod before I start making it. So if you have decided that it is time for a custom built J.E. Arguello flyrod, but don’t know exactly which one you want, get your order in and get the date locked in, we can work together to figure out which model you will be happy with. Currently wait time is 6 months to a year out.
If you wish to order a rod email or call me and we can discuss the particulars of a rod order and wait times.

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