Not that my customers are particular, but…

We all have had to deal with those customers that are extremely particular, well I have been blessed with some very good customers! Here’s one that comes to mind!







Since I started back in 1991 the bar has been raised to such a high level that it is sometimes quite nerve racking to deliver a rod! We as builders scrutinize every inch of our rods and I know like myself you all make sure to do the very best that you can before sending that rod out! Customers no longer view our masterpieces as simple fishing tools! I always cringe when I see someone put on their readers to inspect my work. Then there are guys like the one in this picture!  I’m happy to report that he said …after a lot of hums and wells… “this is really nice!”

Makes you feel good after an inspection like that!

On to the next one!


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3 Responses to Not that my customers are particular, but…

  1. Win Crannell says:


    I keep thinking that I will start selling my rods after I build seven for my grand kids, another four for their parents, but if I have someone pull out a magnifier and look that closely, I am not sure what I might say to them? I try to use the best materials I can find, such as your strippers, but I would have to reflect about the fish and what they might think about the whole deal. Anyway, keep up the great work and I will be ready to order some more agates fairly soon.

    Best, Win Crannell

  2. Jeremy Gubbins says:

    Joe….that’s simply just over the top. It’s a … fishing rod…. after all!

    Glad to hear he was satisfied – with the visual anyway! Sheesh.

    Fish the bugger now…*g*


  3. tjtroester says:

    how did it cast? did it matter at all?

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