Sometimes it’s good to be square!!!

Well as promised I have completed a quad for the first rod of the year! I was really wanting to get this done for the Denver Flyfishing show. Well here it is, this one is done in my more traditional colors, take a look and see what you think! It’s a 7 ft. for a 4 wt.









So come on down to the Denver Flyfishing show starting tomorrow, Jan. 4th 2013 and cast this thing, then you can really tell if you like it or not!

Thanks for looking

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3 Responses to Sometimes it’s good to be square!!!

  1. Were I young and able, I’d give my soul for that quadrate.
    And I would never demean it by calling it a “four weight”. That’s language for boring plastic lines, not fine rods like this.
    This rod should become a national treasure..

  2. Steve Yasgur says:

    DAMN! Looks good enough to eat! Or purchase(!!) Better bring a cable lock for it, Joe, so it don’t, accidental-like, migrate upstream t’ spawn.


    Have a great show!


  3. Ron Hossack says:

    Absolutely stunning … the insert is really a nice piece of timber

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