Established in 1991 – fine Bamboo Fly Rods are hand-crafted one at a time with the greatest attention to detail that is humanly possible, the process starts with an interview to make sure the Bamboo Fly Rod you get is ‘one of a kind’ made just for you!

Although there are many suppliers of the hardware that goes into a bamboo fly rod, and these companies make some very nice hardware, I am continually trying to make my rods unique. I started out making much of my own hardware and as supplies of raw materials became more and more difficult to obtain, I started using some of the readily available hardware. As time has passed I have again been able to acquire a fairly large stock of nickel silver tubing and have also made the necessary tools and dies to draw the needed ferrules and real seat hardware and twist the snake guides. I am also once again making the agate stripping guides for my rods. I have spent many hours refining these processes and now make most of the components used in my fly rods. This ensures that you are getting a fly rod that is truly one of a kind!

Handmade agate stripping guides (click image to enlarge)


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