Getting older…just not growing up!

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything, part of the reason is that I have been busy and another thing is that I have been working on migrating my web site to a new hosting company. Anyway, yesterday was my birthday, turned 62! Now that being said my wife Verna bought me a new guitar! Have I ever mentioned how much I Love that lady? Got a nice Gold Tone resonator guitar since I am trying to learn some slide guitar! What a blast! You know that those old blues guys used to drink up their wine and break off the neck of the bottle and play away! Well off on another tangent we go… so I decided I needed to make some bottleneck slides! My wife said ” just go buy one! ” well anybody can do that I said! If’n you’re gonna play the blues you gotta make one… well one woulda’ been enough but those of you who know me know that if one is good more is better … anyway my new resonator should be here this week… can’t wait, I’m already driving my instructor crazy! If one guitar is good … well I just have 4! Could be worse…

So what’s new in the J. E. Arguello Fly Rod world you ask? Well as you all know I gotten into quads, the one I posted just before the Denver Flyfishing show was snatched up by the second guy that cast it! Also my Agate stripping guide business is very busy, I take it most makers are liking what I have to offer and I am continually adding stuff to that! Also Verna has started helping me with this so it is now a partnership! Seems that this is the only way we are gonna be able to keep up!

I have always loved to fish small streams with the proper gear for them. It has come to be my belief that many get frustrated fishing them and give up because they are tired of getting all hung up in the overhanging brush and trees with those 9 ft rods they are trying to fish them with. Well as many of you know I have designed a taper that I love in a 6 ft version. These rods open up a new world of fishing these small streams and many times you can spend the whole day on your favorite stretch of water and not see anyone else! Now that being said I have also come to realize how specialized these rods are and many people are quite reluctant to buy a rod they can’t use on bigger waters! So I came up with the idea of collaborating with a couple of well known fiberglass blank makers to design a small (6- 6 1/2 ft.) fiberglass version of the rods I love! I should be able to offer these at a moderate price. More to come on this as we are getting close!

So for now that’s about it, lots going on… time to get back to the bench, got some bamboo rods to deliver!

Guitar lesson tonight!



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