First day out …analysis for the season…

Well I got out for the first time yesterday, main goal was to visit a small club I belong to which has probably the best water on that particular river, I’m am very lucky to be a member. Stopped by the owners house to pay my dues and see how he is doing. Some of the nicest people you will ever meet. His wife answered the door and greeted me like a long lost friend although it’s only been a year since I saw her last. How’s he doing I asked, I could see him sitting on his recliner but for the first time in years he didn’t get up. “He doesn’t have much energy these days, just sits there” she said. Sigh… he did manage to wave at me from his chair and ask “going fishing?” I’m gonna give it a try for a while I answered loudly, as he doesn’t hear very well, then I handed over my check and said “OK then I will see you all later” and off I went.

So I parked my truck in the designated area and immediately went over to see what was in the sign in log, as I suspected the same names that are usually on the log were there! Guys are doing great on nymphs as I suspected! Well I got dressed and headed down to the river, just a short walk. The flow was a bit low but perfect all the same! I had tied on a size 22 BWO, I like to use this as a starting point this time of year, it can be taken as a midge so I feel it’s a good place to start, I’m never real confident about anything top side this time of the year! I had a 7 ft. 2 pc rod based on a Garrison 202e taper (one of my favorites) a Hardy featherweight reel (an old one with the 2 screw line guard) and a silk line! Just doesn’t get any better than that! As always I have to stand and admire my set up for a while, just part of the experience! Hum, I think I need to furl up some new leaders…

I fished for about an hour and didn’t see much action… kept thinking about my old friend sitting in his recliner… God bless him! As I got to the hole where I was gonna get out of the river, there was a guy fiddling with a pump that supplies the sprinklers for the lawn. I could see from a distance that he was struggling a bit so I walked over and offered my help. “Thanks, but I’ve got it” he said. “I go through this every year, just have to prime the pump” Well, we introduced ourselves and come to find out he is the owners son in law! You know good people seem to flock together and I got the feeling that he was also a very nice man. We talked for a while and I decided to leave him to his chores. So I walked back up to the truck and got my gear off. Signed the log sheet… # of fish – 2 nice rainbows – type of fly?… uh, uh… OK, I used a nymph, size 22 glass bead head brassie! I have a very small box I keep hidden in a very dark, deep pocket inside my vest just for this day, when there’s not much going on and I don’t want to get skunked the first day of the season! No strike indicator just a tight line drift! Fished it the last 15 minutes of the day! And now you know one of my darkest secrets!

So that was my first day out, didn’t get skunked, did an inventory of my gear, met a new friend, and most importantly got to see my old friend.

The day was a success!

Joe E. Arguello

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5 Responses to First day out …analysis for the season…

  1. John Rivera says:

    …ever since I started fly fishing, I always look forward to the first day out…but really, I have met more nice people on the river/stream/creek/lake/pond than I have ever caught fish…

  2. dave kemp says:

    Good going, Joe. The water in the driftless is low too, but we’re having good Mother’s Day caddis hatches. Here it starts with the first dandelion blooms. Tan caddis won’t be too far away.

  3. Ron Hossack says:

    Nice report Joe … our waters are high and mighty at the moment but will check out the Montana waters this weekend when I go visit son #2 in Missoula

  4. Tony Spezio says:

    Glad you were able to get out. We still are having high water and I would have to fish from a boat. Too much water even for the boat. I can’t wade anymore so my enthusam for fishing is waning.

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