My Latest effort…

Here’s my latest effort, this rod went to Japan, second one for the same customer. It has all custom made components and is based on a Garrison 204e.

Click on the thumnail for larger view,

Thank you for your interest,

Joe E. Arguello

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6 Responses to My Latest effort…

  1. ed miknevicius says:

    Hi Joe, Love the new site and blogs ! Keep um coming, the rod looks great and I would not expect anything less from you. Your rods are classic things of beauty.

  2. John Martin says:

    Hey Joe,
    Beeeeeautiful. What did you use to wrap the ferrules? Drop dead gorgeous.

    • JE Arguello says:

      The signature and ferrules are wrapped with a Wright and McGill brown, and the same brown as the guides. That brown is a Rice thread that I bought years ago similar to YLI 227.

  3. Shawn Pater says:

    Hi Joe! Great looking site and even better looking rods. I thought you were the master of perfection in 1996 when you graciously hired me in your shop and introduced me to your work. I realized then that I didn’t have the patience, passion, or attention to detail for shaping Cane the way you do. I now realize 3 things: Your works of art have evolved into masterpieces. I need to get on your wait list. We need to fish!

  4. Gary Siemer says:

    Hi Joe, I’m sure the new owner will be very happy to receive this rod. Keep up the good work!


  5. Matthew Croft says:

    Hi Joe, Ive been lurking on the board for a couple of years and always enjoy reading your posts. I really enjoy your blog entries and look forward to many more gems in the future. Best regards, Matthew

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