Wrong place at the wrong time… funny story!

A while back a friend of mine and I decided to place an order with Mike, back when he still was making Snake Brand guides, well he’s actually back at it again and doing an even better job is what I hear! We came up with a number and my friend placed the order, quite sizable I might add! One day my friend called me on some other issue. I was at work and took the call as I sat in our break room sipping a cup of hot chocolate. We visited for a while and I thought about our order and that it had been some time and I hadn’t heard anything about our guides! “Have you talked to Snake?” I asked my friend. I really didn’t realize that one of the sales engineers was at the coffee machine getting a cup of coffee…..didn’t really give it much thought at all! Well I kinda have a reputation of being kinda a street guy as I often talk about my homies or my peeps, home boys etc. and I use that lingo quite often. The phone conversation with my friend ended and Tim the sales engineer, kinda sheepishly walked over and sat down at the table where I was sitting….finishing my hot chocolate. Finally he mustered up the nerve and said, with kind of a worried look on his face: “I really wasn’t listening in on your conversation… but I couldn’t help but hearing…Uh… do you really know somebody by the name of Snake!!!!!!!!!” After I stopped laughing and wiped the tears from my face… I explained to him what the conversation was all about… I was tempted to say something like…..

“you’re better off not knowing nothin’ about this…you didn’t hear nothin…we was never here!…Entiendes?”

But I caved! I could have pulled it off if I hadn’t been laughing so hard!

 I guess you just had to be there!


Phone conversation… a quarter?

Snake guides… couple of hundred bucks!

Expression on Tim’s face… priceless!

Joe E. Arguello


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