Stevens Favorite…..

Well it’s been a long time since I posted anything so I thought I would do one and see if anyone is still interested. A while back I got interested in an old couple of guns! I mean really old! I found a Remington #4 rolling block 22 and a Stevens Favorite 25 rimfire! Now 25 rimfire ammo is all but non-existant! So I set off to remedy that situation! There is another thing that is common with these old guns, many of them were actually shot with black powder and also the first primers were very corrosive so the barrels on these old guns are usually in very poor shape. So I figured that I could kill 2 birds with one stone per say! I ordered a couple of barrel liners, a chamber reamer, and a headspace guage… that is all that is required so I read… well you do need that extra long drill bit that they sell for around a C note, a bit pricy for me, so I made one! To the lathe with the barrels! Well I got both these guns relined, now did I mention that the Stevens Favorite was actually a 25 cal? Oh yeah I did. Well I lined it with a 22 cal liner, now I had to make a different ejector for it since the original didn’t reach the rim of a 22 lr bullet! Also had to move the fireing pin so it would strike the rim of the 22 lr! Got this all done and mounted a Marbles tang sight on the old girl and off to the range we went! “How’d you do?” you ask? Well like they say a picture is worth a thousand words… of course I had to tweak a few things and sight her in but here are the last three targets I shot… I did three because anybody can have a lucky shot now and then! These are all 3 shot groups, what do you think?





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