J.E. Arguello Rod Company going full time!!!

I am happy to announce that I have decided that it is time for me to retire from my day job as an Operations Manager at a data center and go into my rod building full time. This decision did not come easy to me as the security of a good job is not easy to leave. That being said I have been spending more and more of my free time in the shop as things have progressively gotten busier! It has become very hard to keep up with my rod orders and now that I have started selling my hand made agate stripping guides… well it is time. As some of you know I also make Damascus knives and I have not even had time to think about those! So…

Between now and the end of the year I will be transitioning into becoming a full time builder of fine bamboo fly rods and all the other custom items that I make. This is very exciting as I am always torn when I have to leave the shop to meet my other responsibilities (day job) this should give me more time to get to some of those projects that I have had to put off and to take more orders. I am also considering teaching some classes if time permits.

I am now taking rod orders for 2013, if you look at my price list you will notice that I have changed them… what I have done is include some to the options that were upgrades! These options are Agate Stripping guides, trim wraps, and blackened hardware, these three options were an up charge of $150 and are now a savings to you! This pricing will remain in effect until the first of the year. I am now making most of the components that I use on my fly rods, and I will be changing my prices in 2013 to reflect the added labor that is necessary in order to do this. Order today don’t miss out on these prices! Please be aware that you rarely see my rods on the secondary market! I do not claim to have made as many rods as some other builders, but I do have a couple of hundred out there! My customers buy my rods and keep them!

Last but not least I will be adding Quads to my bamboo fly rod list, I have always been fascinated in Quad construction but have not had the time to get into them, I have acquired a set of forms and my quads will be hand planed in the same fashion as my hex rods.

I want to express my gratitude to all of my customers over the years, you have made it possible for me to continue to perfect my craft and I am always happy to make you a fine bamboo fly rod that you will cherish. I look forward to hearing from you.


Joe E. Arguello

Maker of fine bamboo fly rods… and other stuff!


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  1. Matt says:

    Thats great news Joe. Im sure you will do really well at it.
    Best regards.

  2. Mike McClain says:

    Congratulations! Having done my own thing a couple of times, I understand how hard it is to leave the security of a good job, for the insecurity of your own outfit. Both of my little adventures turned out great, and I’m sure yours will be a huge success as well.
    On another note, a local fly shop has asked me to put together a couple hour seminar on building cane rods, for presentation sometime this winter. As part of the handouts I am thinking of including a list of Colorado based makers with their contact info so if anyone wants a rod, or a class, or whatever, they will have the info immediately available. If you would like to have your name on that list I’d be happy to include you. Let me know. So far all I’ve thought of you, me, Homer, Mike Clark and Frank. Dale knows some makers down in Salida, and I’ll probably see who else I can find.

    Again, congratulations!

  3. Harry Boyd says:

    Congratulations Joe!

    Moving to full time rod making was one of the best decisions I ever made. I know you will be not only successful, but quite happy to have made the transition. If I can ever help you, just let me know.


  4. Bryan Butler says:

    I am very happy to hear that you will be able to pursue your passion full time! You def. deserve this. I look forward to seeing what you will accomplish in the future.

    Keep in touch!

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