Now offering banded Agate Stripping Guides!

Well as some of you know I initially stated that all I had was red/amber/brown rings to make my stripping guides with, many of you have been very happy with what I have been able to provide. I am happy to announce that I have been working with my supplier and also working on getting another supplier to be able to provide a range of colors and styles of Agate Stripping guides. As you may know there are many suppliers of gem stones in various shapes, but agate rings have not ever been used in jewelry so they have to special order them, this requires an up front deposit as they do not want to be stuck with agate rings that are so specialized. I will continue to work on getting the finest agates I can find.

William Harms requested that I make a low profile guide and use the lighter wire for the frame on my #10s, we worked together and came up with a very low profile guide that looks very lightweight, very nice! Anyway, here is a picture of some of the rings that I now have to offer (8s and 10s), this was an order to see what we could come up with and I liked them so much that I have ordered another batch, these are some beautiful agate rings and make for some striking Agate Stripping Guides! These are offered along with what I have been providing to date. The second picture is a comparison of the regular guide and a low profile guide, the low profile guide can be made with the regular wire or the lighter wire as desired!

As always please let me know if I can assist you.

When you click on this image you can click stop slideshow at the bottom left corner to see more of the detail on some of the rings.

Banded Agate Rings

Regular and Low Profile ultra lite


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4 Responses to Now offering banded Agate Stripping Guides!

  1. Jason says:

    Thanks for the agate stripping guide, looks great.

  2. Swaddo says:

    Looking awesome Joe. I keep saying it but I’ll have to get some of them off you!

  3. Pete says:

    Smokin hot Joe. Next Agate order, I’m coming to you. Top shelf guides 😉

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